Re-Sisters, 2009 (Indonesia – Guatemala – Bulgaria – Philippines)

Land of indigenous Dongi Karonsi people occupied by PT.Inco, take over of farmers’ community area to become a golf field for mining company staff. Building of three big hydro dams related to the mining process (Larona dam, Karebbe dam and Balambano dam) caused agrarian conflict. There is a big water shortage, because PT. Inco takes a lot of water resource from the dams they built. Mining takes place mostly in protected forest areas which is being cut by the mining company. Health impacts include dizziness, queasiness. Air contamination is caused by pollutants from the factory. There is a lot of prostitution in the area and there is an influx of commercial sex workers from other areas. The prostitutes usually work at cafes and bars in the night. We also see human rights abuse. Every time the community takes action against PT. Inco, the police and company’s security usually represses the protestors.

the struggle

The people of Dongi Karonsi have reclaimed local land, and organized protest to get recognition of their rights. They also started a policy dialogue with PT. Inco with the Indonesian government as mediator. The dialogue happened for over 50 times, but the decisions always caused disadvantages for the people.

the role of women

The struggle of the communities is lead by women, who took on a structural struggle. The women built a cultural movement, which included the construction of a local village, as well as housing and planting initiatives. They started to revitalise local knowledge, which was changed by PT. Inco without knowing history of the community’s philosophy. Generally, women’s struggles against industrial mining is different from men’s struggle.

Project together with Friends of the Earth International
Vrije Keyser: working with footage from non-professional filmmakers, camera, script, editing, interviews, concept, training for non-experienced trainees